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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 

-Benjamin Franklin

Christopher L Hileman, Sumter County, District 5 School Board Candidate. Chris is a Husband and Father of 4 daughters.  He has been working in the federal government for 25 years and is currently a federal law enforcement officer. Chris served 12 years in the Army, and is a Disabled Veteran. Chris also graduated from Liberty University with a Certificate in Biblical Studies, and Christian Ministries, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling.  Throughout his life, Chris has been surrounded by educators. Three daughters graduated from South Sumter High School. The 4th is currently in High School. His brother and 2 sister in-laws are Sumter County School Teachers. Education to Chris Hileman is a Family Affair. With Chris, the safety and education of our children are first and foremost. 

Putting Student First;

     -Make sure every student is on a path to graduate and educationally equipped to lead a successful life.

     -Develop a sense of happiness and moral value in students and faculty as a result of their interaction with the school district .

Work to keep good teachers in the system;

       -Find ways to provide highly competitive pay for faculty and staff.

Get parents and community actively involved with education;

         -Pursue  policies which provide an outstanding return on the communities investment in their schools.


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